This site contains images of microfungi that were taken from a slide collection accumulated over several years by various people or donated by mycophiles like yourself.  Furthermore, portions of the site were put together by students at Truman State University.  Although I have surfed the website on innumerable instances and have made all reasonable attempts to correct the site's content, I am sure some mistakes in terminology or organization have taken place.  Consequently, I can not guarantee that the identification of the images is accurate.  That said, the site is designed to be of help in a variety of ways to a variety of people . . . so, I would appreciate you letting me know if any errors exist.  I (and the viewers) would thank you.

The images are intended to be used for non-profit and educational purposes only.  Any other use without the express written consent of Western New Mexico University, Truman State University, and Jose Herrera is prohibited.