Welcome to WNMU's microfungal image gallery

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Welcome to the new microfungal image gallery within the Western New Mexico University Microfungi Research site. This image gallery has been visited by mycophiles from over 80 different countries and contains a large collection of images of microfungi as well as related information. This is a service project so I can only work on the items during my spare time.  The images were taken from a slide collection accumulated over several years by various people or donated by mycophiles like yourself. Please feel free to use the contents of this site for informational and educational purposes, but please make sure to give proper credit to Western New Mexico University and the students that have worked hard to compile this information.  If you are a commercial entity, please contact us to inquire about permission or purchase of the images.  It is quite clear that many microfungi are polyphyletic and so even the genus identification may be tenuous at best (please visit vol. 98 (6) for a special "deep hyphae" issue of Mycologia for additional taxonomic details).  Consequently, please do not rely on this information to "identify" isolates without the assistance of a good mycologist. Part of this site made possible by work funded by NSF grant DEB-0715746