Students that Have Helped

WOW! where do I start. This project would have not been possible if not for the help of many, many students including:

Kadie Webster

Mauricio Galdos

Josh Lefler

Mike Hoeh

Jason Ray (who organized nearly all the new version of the site)

Christina Carr

Jim D'Agostin

Frank Fleschner

Howard Grattan

Brian Hatch

Emily Jentes

Kira Moore

Valarie Nerini

Patrick Runnels

Michelle Sherer

Lindsay Smith

Amy Wilke

Lee Anne Williams

and that's just the ones I can remember. I am sure all of them are successes, whether they know or not! If you see them, please thank them.

Finally, I thank Western New Mexico University & Steve Liebhart for providing sufficient space on the server to house all this really neat stuff. I've taken up so much space that the server administrator told me that the server was getting moldy . . . sorry.