8th Annual Academic and Research Symposium

MTS did its best to get each presentation recorded, and students who participated can request a FREE COPY of their presentations directly from us by simply completing the media request form. We will provide your recording on DVD (or adequate flash drive if preferred). Still photos of most poster presentations and presenters are also available on request. (Or check out The Gallery)

Congratulations students on jobs very well done!

New Student Cameras

With student lending on the parabolic rise…and requests for MTS cameras easily at the top of those requests…we decided it was high time we updated our offerings.

Meet the Canon EOS Rebel T3 1100D, the newest member of the MTS family and the recommended choice of our photography instructor for student work!

Naturally, we still have our other Panasonic Lumix and Fuji cameras to offer as well. Request your booking today! (Just specify the Canon Rebel or other choice in the “Other” field at the bottom of your request–subject to availability.)

Dear Nearpod,

We love how we went from first hearing about you to launching our first complete presentation within minutes. We had been wanting something to come along and liberate us from the confines of our Library Instruction Room, leaving us free to instruct from the stacks–or at least the comfy chairs of the forum area. — While we are not quite there yet there is definite promise. Over the next few months we will get to know each other a little better and come fall…who knows? You might just be the one we’ve been looking for!

Using iPads for “Wireless” Presentations

Some of us remember the good old days when all you had to do to find the remote was follow the wire that ran from the T.V. all the way to the couch cushions. Fast forward almost 40 years and we again find ourselves tethered to our newest devices whenever we want to share our iPad content with a larger audience.

That is, until now…

Thanks to our newest “little black box” you can now ditch the 50 foot HDMI cable wrapped around your shoe as you make that important presentation and mirror most content from your iPad directly onto a monitor or large projection screen through a data projector. Thanks Apple TV!

Want to try it? Go to the Reserve Equipment page to make a request today!

MTS Update for June

As we kick off the Summer Semesters, we are pleased to finally announce that the iPads and Android tablets are finally ready for checkout. These will only be made available for 3 days at a time while we work out some logistics and gauge demand.

Also, we have completed the migration to the new digital scan system. Those expecting to be checking out equipment should find a few minutes to visit us in the Miller Library so we can scan your university ID and get an account set up for you. This will also give us a chance to go over the new terms we will be working under moving forward.

The best news is that all these changes are happening to help support the best change of all: the direct lending to students. Effective immediately, students can now checkout many of our equipment items without a faculty sponsor.

We are now on our regular Summer Hours, Monday through Thursday 8am – 7pm and Friday 8am – 5pm. Feel free to stop by any time and set up your new lending account!

Note: The new terms are posted on the “Reserve Equipment” page. Those wishing to checkout equipment should review the terms and use the reservation form as before. Please remember to make your reservations at least 24 business hours before the time you will be wanting the items. Thanks!