MTS Terms of Service

IMPORTANT POLICY CHANGE: Effective February 2013, all student checkouts will be limited to 3 days plus one renewal (subject to availability).


Eligibility and Availability

Equipment belonging to Media Technologies Services (MTS) is available to all current Western New Mexico University faculty, staff and students for academic and university related activities. All requests for equipment are subject to item availability and these terms. A student’s right to checkout equipment without a faculty sponsor will be limited to equipment not to exceed $500 in value. No equipment shall be taken outside the United States of America.


Requests for MTS equipment need to be made by completing the online Equipment Request Form at This can be done at the MTS counter, but phone and verbal reservations cannot be accepted. Equipment requests must be submitted to MTS at least one full business day prior to the time and date the equipment is needed. For example, equipment needed on a Monday at 7pm would need to be made before closing (5pm) the previous Friday. All accepted reservations will be confirmed by email.

Delivery (Faculty and Staff only)

On-campus delivery and set-up of MTS equipment is available Monday through Thursday 8:30am to 8:30pm and on Fridays from 8:30am to 4:30pm only, with more limited hours during interim and summer semesters. MTS staff will have all setups complete prior to the reservation start time, so the responsible party must be present at the time agreed. In the event the responsible party fails to show, the equipment will be returned to the MTS office and the booking cancelled. Due to limited staff, delivery service may not always be available. In these instances we offer regular counter service at our offices in Miller Library. Campus delivery and pickup services are not available to students.

Event Facilitation

MTS does not facilitate most events. Should you need technical assistance, recording or staffing services, please contact the MTS office at least one week prior to see if arrangements can be made.

Duration of Checkouts

Maximum checkout durations are set at 2 weeks for faculty and staff and 3 days for students. One additional extension may be available if inventory allows but you will need to return the equipment to the MTS office to complete the renewal. After one week, the same equipment can be requested again if needed. Certain high-demand items may be subjected to more limited terms. Those needing equipment for longer periods should request a purchase through their department.

Equipment Return

To help insure the integrity of the service, equipment must be returned or made available for pick-up at the agreed upon time. If you are scheduled for a pick-up at a certain time and need to use the equipment longer, you must call the MTS office at (575) 538-6360 at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled pickup to see if arrangements can be made. Should your event end early, equipment should be returned to the MTS counter. Never leave equipment unattended as you are responsible for all items until such time as MTS staff retake possession.

Individual Responsibility

Those checking out equipment from MTS are solely responsible for the safekeeping of such. By taking possession of MTS equipment, either by counter checkout or delivery, you agree that the equipment is complete and without visible or obvious defect. All equipment will be thoroughly checked when returned to the MTS offices for missing items or damage. All charges resulting from loss, theft or damage are the sole responsibility of the patron. Should a crime occur resulting in the loss, theft or damage of MTS equipment, an official police report must be submitted to MTS as soon as possible.

In the event that MTS staff determines that equipment has been lost or damaged, an email will be sent detailing the loss or damage, MTS borrowing privileges will be temporarily suspended and a hold will be placed on your university account. You will then have one week to produce the missing items or appeal responsibility. Appeals can be made by emailing Should you accept the charges or if an appeal is denied, MTS will provide you an invoice for the amount determined appropriate for repair or replacement. Payments can be made directly to MTS. MTS reserves the right to pursue other legal action as needed. Account holds will be released once any charges are satisfied.

Repeated violations of any of these terms will result in the suspension of lending privileges.