MTS Update for June

As we kick off the Summer Semesters, we are pleased to finally announce that the iPads and Android tablets are finally ready for checkout. These will only be made available for 3 days at a time while we work out some logistics and gauge demand.

Also, we have completed the migration to the new digital scan system. Those expecting to be checking out equipment should find a few minutes to visit us in the Miller Library so we can scan your university ID and get an account set up for you. This will also give us a chance to go over the new terms we will be working under moving forward.

The best news is that all these changes are happening to help support the best change of all: the direct lending to students. Effective immediately, students can now checkout many of our equipment items without a faculty sponsor.

We are now on our regular Summer Hours, Monday through Thursday 8am – 7pm and Friday 8am – 5pm. Feel free to stop by any time and set up your new lending account!

Note: The new terms are posted on the “Reserve Equipment” page. Those wishing to checkout equipment should review the terms and use the reservation form as before. Please remember to make your reservations at least 24 business hours before the time you will be wanting the items. Thanks!

Interim hours for MTS

The MTS office will be open 8-5 M-Th this week while we do inventory and migrate to the new scanning system, we will be closed on Friday. Equipment will still be available on a limited basis. Should you need something, please complete the form on the reservation page at least one full business day prior. If you still have any MTS equipment, please return it to the office immediately so we can complete our end-of-semester accounting.

We will begin Summer hours on Monday the 21st.: Monday through Thursday 8am-7pm, Friday 8am-5pm.

MTS Update for May

Well it has been one crazy-busy semester, but we are finally bringing it to a close. However, rather than head for the exits, MTS will be right here trying to make sure everyone gets what they need (tech-wise, anyway) through interim and the summer sessions. In order to do that, though…we are working on some big upgrades around here.

Specifically, MTS will be rolling out a new digital scan check-out/in system that will finally replace all those ancient paper contracts. Rather than have to manually complete one of those for every transaction, we will be able to scan each asset as it leaves the office and attribute those items to a patron account each user of our service will set-up only once. Once that is done, all we will need is your faculty, staff or student ID to check out the items…cool, huh?

Wait…did I say student? Yes, I did. This summer, MTS will also be getting ready to start lending many of our items directly to students without a faculty sponsor–including our new iPads and Android devices! You didn’t know we had those, did ya? Well, there are fresh in and being prepped for check-out to you all.

While this is all very exciting stuff, we need to ask for your patience while we make it all a reality. These are significant changes and they need to happen just as the bulk of our student help is either graduating (Congrats, Cesar and Koa!) or leaving for the summer. That said, we are still here, doing what we do. So, if you need something and we have it, fill out The Form and we will make sure you get it. Thanks everybody!

Tablet Lending Program at WNMU

UPDATE 4/25/12 : We are very happy to announce that the first batch of brand-new tablets have arrived and are being set-up for lending. This first round will include 6 Android Samsung Galaxy 10.1s and 6 Apple iPads. Check back for updates on when they will be available to checkout from MTS…


Tablet computers are very much in the news these days. Many colleges and universities were among the early adopters and have established wildly popular lending programs for iPads and Android devices at their schools. We here at Media Technologies would like to know what our faculty, students and staff would like to see in a similar program here at Western. Apple iPads? Windows 8 tablets? Android? What kind of things would you want to be able to do with them as far as apps go?

Your opinions matter, as our job is to provide you all with the most up-to-date and useful technology possible to help you in your pursuits here at WNMU. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment here! Thanks!

Document Cameras!

Miss those old overheads? Wonder whatever came in to replace them? Well, we have two different document cameras that can project not only print media, but just about anything else as well. Coupled with a data projector, these devices can put that tabletop lab demonstration up on the big screen. Want to show a page in a book to the whole room? How about finger positioning for a music or art class? This camera is perfect for all those things. Submit an equipment request form to try one out!



Our first-generation tablet wasn’t seeing much action, so we’ve upgraded it to Windows 7 and added video out and PowerPoint.

Throw in one of our brand-new PowerPoint remotes and a data projector you have pretty slick presentation package. Unlike some “other” devices, this one has USB ports so running a remote and a flash drive at the same time is easy!

Look for an expanded tablet lending program to come in the (hopefully) near future!

The Great Race goes “Pro”

UPDATE: The Great Race is here! We already have some pretty amazing footage that we are working on getting posted up here real soon. Thank you all so much for being tolerant of the added “feature” on the car!


The Great Race is just weeks away and in honor of the race’s 45th anniversary, MTS will be using a new HD GoPro camera to capture all the best footage for the official race video. Check out what it can do below…

After all the Great Race-tivities are behind us, we will be putting the camera on our lending list for short-term checkouts. Should prove extra-worthy for recording all sorts of Mustang activities and sports events…

DodgeBall anyone?